Critiques and Mockeries

A Honest Talk About Grief

I'm gonna talk about this here because I have to talk about it somewhere. I haven't written a word on a project in about a month. I've barely read anything. Haven't even attempted a blog post. The motivation just isn't there. I find myself hiding away in a darkened room and immersing myself in games... Continue Reading →

How Orcs Got Their Groove Back

Like many fantasy aficionados - read here as "person who like dragons more than people" - my introduction to the genre was The Lord of The Rings with its very Nordic influences. This love was used to draw me into the realm of roleplaying by my uncle who ran a Tolkien based D&D game. This... Continue Reading →

What The Fuck Did I Just Read?

I have never been more confused about a book than I am the one I just read. Well... technically it's a re-read but I needed reassurance that this book exists. That this story had indeed been set to paper and that I recalled it properly. Just to put that into context I can recite verbatim... Continue Reading →

Over Hyped Indie Garbage: Part 1

As a lifelong rpg fan and lover all things story based imagine my excitement when I heard the buzz from everyone about a new crpg that was already being talked about as one of the all time greats. Nothing but glowing praise for this game. From combat to graphics to characters and story it was... Continue Reading →

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