Here There Be Dragons

In an idle moment today - perhaps out of some misguided attempt to put off reading the next John Ringo "book" - I picked up an anthology that I read many years ago but recently picked up again thanks to a Humble Bundle sale. The Ultimate Dragon published by Bryon Preiss. Like many fantasy fans I... Continue Reading →

Side Quest: the Motion Picture!

Today we come to a book I have heard great things about for the last couple of years. Peter Newman's The Vagrant. Where to begin with this? Oh wait. I know where. Never have I cared so little for the characters in a book. There is no word in any language to describe how few fucks I... Continue Reading →

Fuck you, John Ringo Part 1

Several days ago while doing some rethinking on my plan for this blog I asked a question in the GrimDark Fiction Readers and Writers group. A question that I thought would lead to some humor and laughs and a warning for others. I asked "What is the worst genre fiction novel that you have ever... Continue Reading →

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