Critiques and Mockeries

Queens of the Mild

June of last year I published a review of Nicholas Eames' Kings of the Wyld (see Expendable Fantasy Edition) and I loved it. It was everything I loved about DnD, humor, and fantasy in one package. The pacing was perfect for the story. The POV character colored the world in shades of dry, sarcasm. Most... Continue Reading →

Ye Olde Weirdness

Look at me being all productive and not pissing out a jagged hellrock! Working on my first review since May - holy shit! Since May?! Have I seriously spent this much of the last several months drugged up and staring at a computer screen? Take this as a life lesson - constantly being on painkillers... Continue Reading →

Meat Pies

You might be wondering "What the fuck is this?" At least people would be wondering that if I had anything resembling a fanbase rather than a random assortment of lunatics that accidentally hit a link to my blog. Well... I have spent the last couple of months sick and extraordinarily unproductive. The whys are spectacularly... Continue Reading →

Cyborgs Spies Versus Cyborg Psychos!

Alright. Time for something a long time coming. Revenge. See way back last year a friend of mine suggested that I read John Ringo's Paladin of Shadows and I suffered greatly in a process chronicled in my 3 part Fuck You, John Ringo! series. Since then he has apologized many times while waiting patiently for my hate... Continue Reading →

Schizo in Stereo

I have meant to write about this game since I first discovered it but that intention kept slipping away. I'd forget about it for days on end only for something to remind me and then just as easily lose it again. My initial response is to blame my less than pleasant physical health but I... Continue Reading →

Hype Deserved

Hello? Is anyone here? Anyone seen my health issues? This is usually the point in my work where they mercilessly work me over like I owe them money and leave me pissing jagged hellrocks. Seriously. Anyone seen them? No? Holy shit. I might actually be able to get some work done. To celebrate my temporary lack... Continue Reading →

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