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My name is Eric Woods and this is my little corner of the internet. A place for me to exorcise all the random extra thoughts crowding my head. Here I will review and critique stories from any medium in the vein of fantasy, horror, martial arts, and science fiction. I have a lot of different interests. One thing I very much want to do here is promote lesser known works that deserve to be better known in between me taking on the worst of literary crimes.

Now you might be asking “Who are you and why should I care what you think?” These are good questions, oh imaginary would be reader. The simple truth is I’m not really anyone. You haven’t read my books or seen my movies. My name is not attached to an award winning game or a Youtube channel watched by millions. There is not even a Wikipedia page for me (yet).

What I am however is a reasonably educated man with a genetic inability to keep my thoughts to myself like the world’s most opinionated howler monkey.¬† I am a man who is ruthlessly logical but likes to play with words. I am also a man who understands the difference between something not being to my personal taste and something being objectively bad. In the end I will let my arguments speak for themselves. Along the way I’ll make a few jokes – actually a lot of jokes -, make some points (mostly good), curse some (actually a whole fucking lot), and probably definitely piss some¬†a whole metric fuckton of people off.

I mean I’m going to be criticizing what people love on the internet. There is going to be pain and misery here. And on that note I do take requests on what to review as long as they fall under my main categories of fantasy, horror, martial arts, and science fiction. Anything else will be a case by case basis.

And last but not least this blog – and none of my projects really – would be possible without the support of my friends. So come join us in the Berserk Bookworms group on Facebook for news, friendly discussion, and occasional advice on all things writing related. Sorry. Temporarily without Facebook.

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And last but not least if you like the blog share it. I am new to this. More readers means more feedback which means better content. It’s a win win.

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